Candy for Keto Dieters

If you’re anything like me, one of the hardest things about going keto was giving up candy. Gummy bears, worms, Swedish fish … I loved them all. Unfortunately, just a few gummies would put me over my net carb limit for the day!

To curb my sugar cravings I tried making my own chocolate (this is super easy with sous vide, by the way) using alternative sweeteners, but it wasn’t the same. And most sugar-free candies tasted like cough syrup. Blech!

But one day, by chance in my local Whole Foods, I found Smart Sweets. With only 3g of sugar per bag I was willing to pay $3.99 to try them out. They didn’t last long!

Turns out Smart Sweets offers four flavors: Fruity Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Blast Buddies, and Sweet Fish. I picked up the Sour Gummy Bears at Whole Foods, but I wanted to try the rest and found a sample pack on Amazon: Keto-Friendly, Stevia Sweetened Fruity Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Low Sugar Low Carbs Pack of 4 by Smart Sweets

Smart Sweets Candy, Ranked

1. Fruity Gummy Bears

My favorite for texture, flavor, and satisfaction. Although I usually prefer sour gummy candy, I preferred these by a long shot.

2. Sweet Fish

A close second, these long, floppy candies were a delightful new take on the classic Swedish Fish candy. Unlike the stiffer consistency of the original, these Sweet Fish are supple and much bigger!

3. Sour Gummy Bears

Although I thought these would be my favorite, I wasn’t quite as impressed with these as their fruity cousins. Good, but not amazing.

4. Sour Blast Buddies

These were my least favorite. Maybe I’m just used to Sour Patch Kids from my pre-keto days, but the texture and “sugar” dusting on these Smart Sweets were just off. The gummy got stuck to my teeth and I could really taste the Stevia, more than the others.

Have you tried Smart Sweets? What’s your favorite? I’d love to hear about your favorite sugar-free candy snacks below in the comments!

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